Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Belated Birthday Giveaway!

Hi Everyone!

I am so sorry everyone, my posting has been so crazy but that was expected with me starting university! But for now I have something for you all, I was planning to have this up on my birthday (March 28th) but like I said life got in the way. But here it is:

Happy Belated Birthday To Me!
I am happy to say the I officially turned 18 on March 28th! So even though it was my birthday I wanted to give you all something because you have all been amazing since I first started this blog. So today I have for you an Amazon Ebook of your choice up to $5! 

And as some of you know I started a second twitter account because I am a huge fan of The Fault In Our Stars (@TFIOS_AUS) so I would like to add something for my followers there.

This bookmark has one of my all time favourite TFIOS quotes and would be a beautiful addition to whatever book you are reading!

Close Up!

Full Shot!
This bookmark was made by Carla at http://librarymosaic.blogspot.com.au

This prize is only for followers of @TFIOS_AUS so if you win and you aren't a follower you will just get the ebook :)

This giveaway is most certainly International!!
The ebook is only available from Amazon so make sure you can get Amazon E-Gifts

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Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Happy belated birthday, Pavan! I guess my best birthday present would be the special birthday card I received from my sister this year (:

    Sherlyn @ Mermaid With A Book

  2. Happy Birthday!
    My best birthday was when I got the whole Harry Potter series in hardback for my 15th birthday!

  3. Happy belated birthday Pavan! I hope you had a wonderful celebration.

    My fave birthday gift was a beautiful diamond cross/necklace my husband bought me when I turned 30 - it hasn't left my neck since.

    Thank you for a great giveaway!

  4. Happy Belated birthday! Hmm I guess my favourite birthday gift was getting a trip to Sydney. The city was lovely and I loved walking around.
    And for my favourite quote from tfios... could never be able to choose just one. The whole book is like one big quote.