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My Thoughts: Allegiant (Divergent #3) by Veronica Roth

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Where to start this not-really-a-review but a jumble of thoughts post? Well first and foremost if you haven’t read Allegiant please don’t read this post unless you don’t care if you get spoiled because I am going to talk about a lot of big things that happened in the book.

Title: Allegiant (Divergent #3)

Author: Veronica Roth

Publisher: HarperCollins Australia

Goodreads Synopsis:
The faction-based society that Tris Prior once believed in is shattered—fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal. So when offered a chance to explore the world past the limits she’s known, Tris is ready. Perhaps beyond the fence, she and Tobias will find a simple new life together, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties, and painful memories. 

But Tris’s new reality is even more alarming than the one she left behind. Old discoveries are quickly rendered meaningless. Explosive new truths change the hearts of those she loves. And once again, Tris must battle to comprehend the complexities of human nature—and of herself—while facing impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice, and love. 

Told from a riveting dual perspective, Allegiant, by #1 New York Times best-selling author Veronica Roth, brings the Divergent series to a powerful conclusion while revealing the secrets of the dystopian world that has captivated millions of readers in Divergent and Insurgent

My Thoughts

Now, all things considered, I did enjoy the book. I was extremely worried considering all the reactions to the book since it has been out for a while. I was lucky enough not to get spoiled, but I consider that a miracle! I can understand the reaction of readers and why they didn’t like the book but I wasn’t one of them.

All together there were 3 points to this book that I didn’t enjoy.

1.      I was not happy that Tris died. I understand that that is how Veronica Roth wanted Tris to end up but it was so emotionally heartbreaking that I just didn’t want it to occur. But I do commend Veronica Roth-this author is BRAVE. She didn’t give us a neatly wrapped package because that didn’t fit with the world she had created which is understandable. When were we, as readers, ever promised a happy ending?

2.      I HATED that Uriah died. He was a character that just shouldered what life gave him and moved forward which I loved so I was really upset when he died. I just had hoped that he would have pulled through. He was my second favourite character in the trilogy. (Tobias, Uriah, Tris)

3.      I didn’t enjoy Tris’ attitude towards Tobias when they found out he wasn’t Divergent and wasn’t “Genetically Pure”. Yes she didn’t look at him differently but expecting him to basically just get over it? Big no-no for me. When someone says something like that to you why should you just get over it straight away? Is Tobias not allowed to have feelings unless they are the same as Tris’?

I have to say that I did like seeing through Tobias’ eyes. I really understood him better and he is my favourite character of the trilogy so it was a nice addition. I preferred reading his POV then Tris’. But altogether Veronica Roth’s writing is still simply amazing, everything flowed so effortlessly that I didn’t even realise it was around 1.15am when I finished.

The sweet romance between Tobias and Tris was still there which was a big YES to me. After all the secrets in Insurgent I was worried how it would play out. But they talked about-YES THEY ACTUALLY TALKED. But then also we have a period where Tris was unsure about Tobias with his participation in the attack that got Uriah basically killed. I’d just like to reinforce that Tobias DID NOT KNOW what was going to happen, he didn’t know until Tris told him after. I felt he was grasping at straws to try and figure out who he was since everything was ripped away from him so I do forgive him-especially since he did not actively take part in it.

I am just still a mess of emotions because of this book, but that is the sign of a good book to me. Allegiant was able to bring out basically every possible emotion I have out of me. I will never regret reading this book, as much as it hurt me to read.

Whilst it wasn’t the best book in my eyes that Author Veronica Roth has written it is still a good book and I did like it. Divergent will always be among my top favourite books in the world and I absolutely cannot wait until the movie, but I just don’t think I can read Allegiant again. But that’s fine the characters will live on in my numerous re-reads of Divergent.

I really would love to hear your thoughts about Allegiant!

3 out of 5 stars.


  1. Okay so I'm still part way through this book, so quickly scrolled down through your review, a lot of readers seem to be disappointed with this book which is a shame. I'm meant to go back to the book, but just don't have the same enthusiasm that I used to have for the rest of the series :(

    1. Ah I understand. It is a good book and I'm glad I finished the trilogy but it definitely not what I was expecting and not ultimately the ending I wanted but it was an ending Veronica chose so I'm happy it went her way. Divergent will always be my favourite

  2. I felt the exact same way as you about so many things! I couldn't even rate the book. I also posted my thoughts on it, right after I finished, and I was a total mess.
    I forgot that Uriah died too, that was so unnecessary >.<
    I admire Veronica's guts for writing such a crazy intense ending but I wish it hadn't happened :/

    1. Definitely ripped my heart out, but I think I'll still re-read Divergent (because it's an amazing book) and just stick to that now!

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  4. This book broke my heart! I completely agree with everything you mentioned, I was so disappointed in the ending - Tris's whole plight throughout the series to me seemed to be built up for nothing :-(

    Thank-you for sharing.

    1. I definitely was a mess of emotion after reading this. I'm happy V.Roth told her story but I just would have liked another ending!

      Thanks for visiting