Friday, 21 February 2014

Meeting Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry + Going to the Vampire Academy Premiere!

Hi Everyone!

I have been a very lucky person these past couple of days. I won tickets toe meet ZOEY DEUTCH and LUCY FRY at Books Kinokuniya Sydney as well as winning tickets to the VAMPIRE ACADEMY PREMIERE!! Book/movie Gods have been very nice to me lately.

So I went to the meet and greet Wednesday 19th of February. Kino was decked out to the max with VA posters which was awesome to see. As I waited for the event to start I got to meet longtime twitter friend Keely (from My Spin On Books_) an her friend. It is so nice to be able to say "I met you in real life!" I also got to see Jaz (from Fiction in Fiction in Fiction) again as I have met her before but it was still awesome, even more so because she gave a copy of IGNITE ME!! (Warner we shall meet again soon).

Me and Jaz

Then we all gathered together to get our wristbands as we were winners, mine was blue and we were told that they were from when Richelle Mead visited Australia years ago, needless to say they were awesome and I kept my blue one! The event began with Felicity (from Penguin Teen Australia) going over the rules then it was full on chat time, which was amazing. Felicity kept us in stitches the entire time and some lucky people got to win awesome prizes!! It was so much fun to be around other bookish people, to hear what they are excited about!

Then the two beautiful actresses arrived and the crowd went WILD! They were both so sweet waving to the crowd and just full of smiles! (And Zoey's Mum, Lea Thompson was there as well!!)

Then the Q&A began with Felicity hosting.

Zoey was very excited by the snacks and food on the table

Zoey and Lucy are both so sweet!

And then the winners got to MEET THEM AAAAH! I got my VA signed!
(We were told no personalisations but Zoey said my name was interesting and did-yay!)

This was honestly one of the best days ever. I had the best time and I got to fangirl with other fangirls!!

And now onto the Vampire Academy Sydney Premiere: Completely spoiler free.

The tickets that I won for the Premiere included walking on the Red Carpet (which was actually a pretty pink colour!), going into the venue for drinks and picture as well as watching the movie. I had the most amazing time!

Me and my plus one (my friend Bronte, who gave me permission to use her face)

My VIP Pass!!

Free Mocktails!

So I have two pictures of the movie screen because we were close to the front so I couldn't get it all

There was a little Q&A with a member of The Hot Hits, Zoey and Lucy which I recorded, but you may need to turn up your volume. Sorry for the crappy quality!

At the Premiere I also got to see Kim and meet Kerrie (from Two Girls and a Novel, Sunny (from A Sunny Spot Blog), Francoise (from My Crazy Bookish World) and though we didn't meet officially I saw Angela (from Krystal Angela Azucena)

I enjoyed the movie! It was funny and witty and damn those Mead Men are FINE! While the movie wasn't entirely look the Vampire Academy book I still enjoyed this adaptation, however there were definitely some parts that I was cringing through because I just thought they were a bit cheesy and overdone. but I believe the that majority of the movie well and truly made up for it. I am very happy to say that I was part of the crowd which screamed when Dimitri (Danila Kozlovsky) and Christian (Dom Sherwood) entered the screen! The chemistry between all characters was great, and I absolutely adored the Mason (Cameron Monaghan) scenes. And regardless of what the first trailer portrayed the movie is not all giggles, the action we know from the book was in there. Overall I believe this was a good movie, not perfect but I am anxiously awaiting the next installment (which I really hope is going to happen)

A big thank you to Penguin Teen Australia, Studiocanal Australia, The Hot Hits, Books Kinokuniya Sydney

So that's my recap, let me know what you think!!


  1. Soooo unbelievably jealous and happy for you at the same time that you got to go to the premiere!! Why oh WHY don't I live in Sydney! GAH.
    I'm glad that despite the cringe-worthy scenes you encountered you still loved the film so much. I'm so pumped to see it now! Do you think you'll see it again once it officially comes out in Australia?

    1. MOVE TO SYDNEY ALICE!!! It wasn't like it was a lot of moments like that, just a few which is why I still loved the movie. I hope you enjoy it too. I honestly want to go watch it again right now so I definitely will be watching it when it's released

  2. OMG you met Zoey Deutch! So freaking jealous. I love her <3
    I haven't read VA yet (I will soon!) but I'm glad you loved the movie. And lucky you, getting your copy personalized!
    Glad you had an awesome time, Pavan. It sounds amazing :)

    1. She is so lovely!! And Lucy Fry is as well. They are just beautiful people :) I hope you enjoy VA! I know it initially took me a bit to get into it but it's worth sticking with.
      Thanks Richa <3

  3. Wow Pavan, what an amazing experience! It sounds so wonderful & how exciting you got to meet Zoey & Lucy. I am so eager to watch the movie, I loved the books so I'm pleased to see you enjoyed it.

    A fabulous recap :-)

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment Sharon! I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did

  4. Both events sounds really cool! And I'm glad you liked the movie, I've been hearing negative things but I am still going to see it :)

    p.s Now following you via GFC & Bloglovin' :)

    1. I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did (despite the negative reviews) and thanks so much for the follow!!