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Review: My Sweetest Escape by Chelsea M. Cameron

Title: My Sweetest Escape (My Favorite Mistake #2)

Author: Chelsea M. Cameron

Publisher: Harlequin HQN

ARC provided by Harlequin through Inkslinger PR for an honest review.

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Goodreads Synopsis:

The past will always find you.

Jos Archer was the girl with the perfect life; until the night it all came crashing down around her. Now, nine months later, she still hasn't begun to pick up the pieces. Even transferring to a new college and living under the watchful eye of her older sister, Renee, isn't enough to help her feel normal again.

And then she meets Dusty Sharp. For reasons Jos can't begin to fathom, the newly reformed campus bad boy seems determined to draw her out of her shell. And if she's not careful, his knowing green eyes and wicked smile will make her feel things she's no longer sure she deserves.

But even as Dusty coaxes Jos to open up about the past, he's hiding secrets of his own. Secrets about the night her old life fell apart. When the truth is finally revealed, will it bring them closer together;or tear them apart for good?


Author Chelsea M. Cameron has been on my radar ever since I read My Favorite Mistake. That book began my love for her books and I have been hooked ever since, so it’s no wonder that when I saw the review/release day blitz sign-ups for the sequel I put my name down straight away! And I am so happy I did. My Sweetest Escape is another fine addition to my love Chelsea M. Cameron books bandwagon!
Oh wow, when I first saw the cover of My Sweetest Escape I kind of stopped everything and just stared. I mean HOT DAMN. It is indeed a sexy cover. A cover like that definitely leaves high expectations for the story inside and for me those expectations were met!

My Sweetest Escape is the story of Jos Archer, younger sister of Renee who we met in MFM. Jos has been going through a rough nine months as tragedy has struck her life. Her whole attitude has changed and now her family is worried so they are making her transfer universities to live with her older sister and her friends. Gone is the prim and proper girl everyone used to know, enter Miss Attitude. It is at her new home that we meet Dusty Sharp, a sexy snarky friend of Hunter who is also a reformed bad boy-and seemingly the perfect match for Jos as he gives all her snark right back to her. The secrets between them though have the power to keep them apart. Chelsea Cameron definitely knows how to write witty and humorous dialogue between all of her characters, making sure everyone has their part as well as singling out the main characters to let their story shine.

Jos is a troubled woman. Due to unexpected tragedy happening to a close friend of hers, Jos decides she needs to refocus her life on what she deems important. That doesn’t include her schooling, thus leading to a worried family. I honestly didn’t like Jos for at least the first quarter to half of this book, which is why I didn’t give My Sweetest Escape a full 5 stars. While I could understand that she is going through an extremely tough time I just found that she was horrible to her family and those trying to help her. I could deal with the fact that she didn’t want to tell anyone what had happened but then completely doing a 180 personality and getting mad at your family for trying to find out what’s wrong and how they can help? I wasn’t on board with that. But thankfully this author knows how to show some excellent character growth! As the story went on I found Jos to be toning down the attitude to a level where it was a comfortable part of the REAL Jos Archer.

Dusty Sharp is our love interest in the novel. And hot damn he is a nice addition to the Chelsea M. Cameron hot guy group! Hunter set the bar extremely high in MFM so I was a little worried how Dusty would shape up but my worries were unnecessary. Dusty is a guy living his second chance at life. With a few skeletons in his own closet, Dusty recognises a kindred sole in Jos and immediately a connection is seen through cutting quips and heated conversation between the two. I love this guy; he is intelligent and witty but also has a sweet and vulnerable side which we learn about with Jos. Also he knows who he wants to be and strives to be a better person for himself and those he cares about. Plus it doesn’t hurt that he is described as quite the good looking guy with mad beat-boxing skills, musical talent AND AN ADORABLE KITTEN WHO HE SNUGGLES WITH. Seriously, how can anyone resist a big tough guy snuggling with a little kitten?! I honestly could keep writing about Dusty but then my review would be all about him!

The sexual chemistry between Jos and Dusty is off the charts and is definitely up there with the chemistry between Hunter and Taylor. This sexy romance just sizzles off the pages and leaves you wanting more. I am seriously ready for the next book written by Chelsea Cameron!

One thing that HAS to be mentioned that I absolutely loved about this book is that WE SEE THE MFM GANG AGAIN. Yes they are present throughout the whole novel THANK GOODNESS! And better yet, Hunter does something so incredibly sweet that I was ready to cry-but I was not reading in my room by myself and my brother was looking at me funny. Seeing everyone again was an added bonus to an amazing story.

And as a side note I just have to mention Hannah, a new friend Jos makes at her new university. I adore this girl, she has had a rough life and yet she still manages to smile and make those around her laugh. I NEED to know more about her and hopefully see that she gets her own HEA! PLEASE!

Chelsea M. Cameron has wowed me once again and I will honestly read anything she writes!

4.5 out of 5 stars!!

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